Drivers for Sustainable Design

person holding bunch of $100 bills

Depending on who you talk to, the negative effects of anthropomorphic climate change can range from it being a total myth, to it being existential threat that will wipe out civilization in a decade. Of course, the truth is likely somewhere between those positions. In today’s political climate, it’s likely that both sides of this disagreement will dig their heels in on a position that aligns with their cohorts. While there likely isn’t a solution to the tribal nature of politics in America, there are many drivers for sustainable design that can appeal to both liberals, and conservatives.

Environmental Drivers for Sustainable Design

While both sides will disagree on whether the Greenland ice sheet is melting, one thing is certain. People of all political persuasions care enough about the environment to not want to destroy it completely. Pragmatic people recognize that mankind has an effect on the environment, and that the goal should be to find a balance between modern life and life in general. Government force is not necessary for this to be achieved.

Financial Drivers for Sustainable Design

This is the area in which both sides of the debate can find common ground. Everybody wants to save money, and sustainable design can produce such an outcome. For example, LED lighting solutions consume less energy than fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Tack on smart timers and IoT technology, and you’ve got a sustainable solution that saves money and provides people with a better experience at work, at home, and in stores.